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Other Resources

While this website was created because it's good to have an easy-to-find web presence, it's not always the busiest place, just yet.

So if you found us, but you've looked at the forum and you're thinking "where's the social interaction??", you may also want to check out our FetLife groups for:
 Chico Munches - Munches in Chico CA
 Chico Hellfire Fetish Club - Play parties in Chico CA
 Redding / Anderson Munches - Munches in Anderson CA / Redding CA
The most active resource for the kink community is - we highly recommend signing up for a totally free membership there, and exploring the resources and our more up-to-date schedules of events and happenings in the groups above!
Do check out the articles and the video blog, using the menu on the left.
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